Betsy Clark
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Active Hope


Life Coaching for Women

The StoneSoup Retreat LLC
concept is based on a children's story about a traveler who comes into town seeking something to eat. He is repeatedly told, "We don't have enough." Instead of moving on, he captures the attention of one of the villagers. He tells her, "I have everything I need. In fact, I was thinking of making some stone soup to share with all of you."

He pulls out a soup pot, fills it with water and builds a fire beneath. With great ceremony, he draws out an ordinary stone and places it in the boiling water. Hearing there is savory food being created, other villagers gather. The traveler explains that stone soup is good, but it would be even better with some cabbage. Soon, a villager appears with a head of cabbage. Next, another villager brings her carrots and adds them into the pot.

So it went, with more delicious vegetables and salted meat being added to the soup. Finally as they all supped on this
miraculous soup, he brought to their attention that when we bring to the table what we can, and we all collaborate and work together, a greater good is achieved!

I believe there is great wisdom in this story. As we all come to the table
and bring what we can, something marvelous happens. Similarly, the collaborative wisdom of women is a wonderful gift. This concept is a stepping stone and key principle to
 my approach to life coaching.

    A StoneSoup Retreat LLC
Betsy Clark: Purveyor of Active Hope
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