Betsy Clark
Business Chaplain
Certified Life Coach  
Purveyor of
Active Hope


Life Coaching for Women

Meet Betsy

has been an entrepreneur since 1978 when she bought a Diet Center franchise right out of college. She went onto help build a successful specialty 
paint and wood finishing business with her husband in California and Colorado.

Betsy has a vast experience in network-marketing businesses over  the last three decades. Her observation is that clear goals, support and accountability are the critical factors in succeeding in business. Her passion is to assist women to gain clarity, build confidence and get clients.

Betsy loves people and working with them as they maximize their growth in both their personal lives and businesses. She is a creative catalyst and brings infectious joy to all she interacts with.

Betsy lives in Colorado with her husband and two dogs. She and her husband travel as much as possible to play with their grown children.

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