Betsy Clark
Business Chaplain
Certified Life Coach  
Purveyor of
Active Hope


Life Coaching for Women

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Entrepreneur Coaching:
Clients who enroll in the GCN! 28-Day Marketing Program will learn:
  • To create an endless stream of clients by doing 10 simple things daily.
  • Over 100 different tactics and tools for marketing your business.
  • The missing ingredients holding you back from marketing success.
  • How to design a marketing action plan that is right for your business, your personality, and what you like to do.
What you get:
  • Two training sessions.Five 1-on-1 coaching sessions by telephone.
  • Toolkit of tested sales and marketing techniques.
  • Customized marketing plan you can use over and over as your business grows.
  • Coaching, accountability, perspective and support to design and implement your plan.
GET CLIENTS NOW!™ is a trademark of Wings for Business LLC and is used under license.

Goal Setting Conference Call:
Betsy offers an informative conference call on how to set well-crafted goals that are realistic, measurable and attainable with business teams. Betsy will work with one participant on this recorded call to demonstrate how to implement the skills learned during this transformative conference call.

Personal Development Workshops:
Unfolding Your Life Vision Workshop offers:
  • A creative and playful way to engage women as their life vision unfolds naturally in an outside of the box fashion. 
  • Each woman has a chance to create a collage accordion book as a visual reminder of what matters to them. 
  • A 20 minute follow up 1-on-1 coaching session with each participant after the workshop to process what they have learned. 
Workshops are offered as either a 1/2 day or full day event.

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